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Retina A In Treating Acne And Delaying Skin Ageing

Retina A In Treating Acne And Delaying Skin Ageing

Retin A is the generic form of tretinoin, which is available as a cream. The medicated cream is one form of vitamin A, and is used in the treatment of acne. The cream helps renew skin cells and fight acne. It also comes in a micro gel form, which is used to treat rough, uneven skin texture, tone and pigmentation, and helps smoothen acne affected patchy skin. The cream also helps tighten skin and face off fine lines and wrinkles which are marks of skin ageing. However there are some precautions to be taken while using the cream. And you must know about the side effects too.

Dosage of the cream

One must take the medicine exactly as prescribed by the doctor. The medicine is not over active when taken more, that means, when you apply more cream, do not expect faster action. It will act and affect as the skin absorbs and adjusts to it. It may take sooner or longer depending on the person and skin type.

It’s important that you wash your hands before and after using the gel. The skin must also be washed with safe and mild face wash, and patted completely dry. Then you should wait for some more time to get it fully air dried and then apply the Retin A skin cream.

While applying the cream you must be sure not to apply it on any open would. It is a topical formation, and should only be applied on external skin. Exposure to nostrils, lips, eyes, cracks of the nose can be dangerous. Also this should not be applied when the skin is chapped, broken, sun burnt etc.

Precautions to be taken while applying the cream

While using Retin A cream for acne one has to be sure exposure to sun is made only after wearing a sunscreen lotion. That’s because the treatment makes the skin very sensitive to sunburns. You should not get into tanning beds under this treatment.

Due to the side effects of the Retin A crème, the skin may feel dry, may peel off, redness and irritation may occur, and exposure to sun may bring on a temporary irritation and burning sensation.

You should not suddenly stop taking the medicine. Applying the cream everyday as directed is necessary even if immediate positive effects may not be visible. Sometimes it takes more time to start working, and you should wait and continue, and consult your doctor in the meantime without stopping application. However is you get severe skin irritation or no results after applying more the 8 weeks, then you should talk to the doctor.

Where to get the cream

You would get the cream with prescription from any store. And if you want Retin A generic, then you can always buy it online. The online pharmacies give the best discount on generic medicine, and you would get the best price for Retin A micro. The best part is that you buy it without a prescription from any part of the world whether local supplies are there or not in your area.

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