How to Practice More Gratitude in Your Life


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How to Practice More Gratitude in Your Life

How to Practice More Gratitude in Your Life

With gratitude, I’m learning to have more contentment for all the things I have and all the things I can do, versus being disappointed with the things I don’t have or can’t do.

For example, when I see my friends celebrating their 25th or 30th wedding anniversaries, sometimes I am sad that M and I will never have an opportunity to achieve such a milestone. Then the gratitude meter checks in and I become grateful for the 24 years we did have together. It’s more than many couples get, especially with the rate of divorce in this country.

Wearing Gratitude on My Wrist
I wear a MyIntent bracelet on my wrist with the word “Gratitude.” It acts as a constant prompt to be thankful for all the things I can do. “Breathe because you can,” said my yoga teacher N in a recent class. N is right; I am grateful that I can breathe.

A Bucket Full of Gratitude
If I could put all my gratitude in a container, it would fill a huge bucket. In that bucket would be my daughter A and my son D, my boyfriend L, my BFFs L and R, my sister N, my late mom and dad and many more friends and family members.

I’d add gratitude for my beautiful home and my condo on the corner at the shore, and I’d top that with my yoga and meditation practice and the retirement I earned from my full-time job that is enabling me to live life to the fullest during my second act.

There’s more, more, more gratitude for you—my blog readers—who bring me great joy each week when we connect through my posts.

Ah, yes, the gratitude bucket sometimes gets blown over by negative thoughts that creep in, especially when the aches and pains of my aging body act up or I see more wrinkles on my face. Then I remember that gratitude is a practice, and it’s not going to be perfect every day.

Benefits of a Gratitude Practice
Nancy Rones from Yoga Journal wrote: “Practicing gratitude four times a week—by keeping a gratitude diary and listening to a guided recording for fostering gratefulness in life—lowered study participants’ levels ofdepression and stress and increased their happiness within three weeks, according to a recent Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study.”

Wow, in less than a month this little practice can boost happiness!

When I honored M at our temple services on the 19th, my gratitude bucket was full as I held him close in my heart. The framed quote that hangs in my office reminds me of how truly grateful I am to have had M in my life for 24 years. It says, “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

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